bitjob 21

Eight tracks for you today on a show where mindless chat is few and rockin’ tracks are a plenty. I really enjoyed putting this show together, even if it did take five days – but that’s the beauty of podcasting, you don’t have to do it all at once.

I’ve also released the show in as an OGG, mainly as a test but also because I’ve been asked to offer an alternative format to MP3 by quite a few people. The compression rocks on OGG and cuts the file size down by about 12mb, which makes all the difference if you have to watch your bandwidth. Comments are welcome, as always.

Be sure to go and vote for Ellie Myles at the Slashmusic website to give her the chance to appear on TV! You can also pick up her four track EP from her website for £2.99, excellent value.

Dear Friends

Ellie Myles has been entered into a competition with Channel 4!!!!

It’s a competition on ‘Slashmusic’ to win a showcase.

The Showcase will take place on actual television, broadcast to an audience
of – potentially – millions. If they win, this autumn, they’ll get to play
live on T4 and never have to work, buy a drink, or carry their own amps
again*. And you can help them win by clicking the link below and making sure
you ‘Rate’ them – everyday to keep the ratings up! – Competition’s huge!

Go to the latest showcase entries and Ellie Myles will be listed!

Happy rating!!

(*wives and girlfriends will probably have to!)

See you Monday, if not before :D

TWEAK – Time
The Cloves – Prescriptions
Ellie Myles – Nobody’s On My Side
The Transfer – Romantics & Addicts
Robert Jordan – Rooftops
Complete – Not Heather
The Transmission – Stop Me From Falling
The Unleaded – Revenge

Download MP3 (41mb / 45min)
Download OGG (33mb / 45min)

bitjob 20

bitjob 20 is the first to be recorded on Linux and, although I may be biased, I think it’s one of the best I’ve produced to date. I’ve changed audio setup yet again, piping my voice through my iRiver to give me a sorta pre-AMP, meaning less production for me after recording the show!

Comments, suggestions and visits to the forum are encouraged; remember you only have two days left to take part in the contest before I announce the lucky winner on bitjob 21.

Ishkobar – Work
Abigail Lapell – Dress Rehearsal
Banooba – Sinora
Peter Adams – The Disappeared
Pippa Rogers – Anyway
Monkey – You Don’t Know

Roadhouse Podcast

Download MP3 (46mb / 49min)

bitjob 19

bitjob 19, as always, features some rockin choons to kick start your week. Featuring recent addition to Unsigned UK Music, Ellie Myles, another great song from MyVirtualBand and an amazing remix of a rock track by Scottish band KIDDO*.

Playlist Club details –
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Voicemail: 020 7871 2991
Text: TVdads to 60300

Comments, suggestions, promos and anything else can be sent to Support the 138 and help bring down the podsnobs!

Ellie Myles – Driven to Destruction
Dust Radio – February Day
Sing With Me – MVB
KIDDO* – One Last Party (remix)
Jon Green – Back to the Feeling

Download MP3
(31mb / 32:44min)

RadioDaddy – Free voiceovers; too good to be true?

Right, I’m not in the best of moods as it is. Mainly because its a Monday and I HATE Mondays. My mood was turned even more sour after I was banned (yes, BANNED) from the RadioDaddy forums today because apparently;

You set up a secondary account for the purpose
of posting additional messages/requests in an effort to bypass the limitations set for free accounts.

Did I? No. I requested a sweeper for the show, in an attempt to test out the service before deciding whether to subscribe or not. Quite happily, I’d posted the request and was waiting for a response. Got an email yesterday with said response, went to reply and BAM. The stupid forum “security” system stopped me from replying to MY OWN TOPIC. What use is that? Some kind hearted soul had replied to my request asking how my surname was pronounced. Natural thing to do was to send a PM to said member explaining what had happened and that I couldn’t respond to him because of the retarded system in place.

You are not permitted to send Personal Messages to that group

Damn it! What is the use of not being able to PM OR reply to posts made by other members?

I then sent a PM to RadioDad asking if this was meant to happen. After about three or four hours, I got impatient so created a second account simply to reply to my topic and fill in the needed information. That didn’t get an email sent to it because either a) I put in the wrong email address or b) It wasn’t validated.

So this morning I wake up and see I have a topic reply notification Gmail from the RadioDaddy forums. “Goodie” I thought, some progress on my super shiny new sweeper.

Your account has been temporarily suspended. This suspension is due to end on Apr 24 2005, 01:15 PM.

Which is, again, suckage because I can’t view the reply to my topic. I then received a PM saying;

As a free member, you shouldn’t even be able to PM

Now THAT is the most retarded thing I have EVER read on a community. To be so restricitve, so elitist, so damn unhelpful is something I never would have thought I’d see on something to do with podcasting. The service they are providing seems amazing. One free voiceover per week, per station. Genius. What isn’t genius is the way its being run. If a MAJOR change in the way a forum works is implemented, surely FAQs should be updated, members emailed and new members generally made aware of what is going on. I’ve never posted a request for a voiceover, so how do I know what to write?

I let my buddy Antonio at Heart FM in London in on what was happening, and he himself kind of went off on a rant, just to see what would happen. He’s now been banned too. No email, just a straight ban.

It seems to me that the staff over at that site (if there is indeed more than one) are just concentrating on giving all the praise to the members that decide to pay, which is damn wrong. Why advertise a FREE service if people can’t take advantage of ANY other standard features on a forum without paying?

One of the replies I got from RadioDad just pissed me off even more. It went along the lines of this; (can’t quote it word for word because I’m BANNED)

If you want those features why don’t you just pay for them?

That was the final nail in the coffin. I really do despise people who think they’re above everyone else in communities like that. For all he knows, someone could have worked uber hard on a sweeper for me, only to be told (erroneously) that I was trying to cheat the system.

If any of you know of any other sites offering free voiceover work for podcasts, please send them my way.

bitjob 9

bitjobs for the masses! – bitjob 9 is brought to you in association with “Phil needs a new mic ASAP”. Yes, thats right; continual use of my shitty cheap-ass headset has caused it to almost give up the ghost. If anyone has any recommendations or, better yet, a mic they have lying around that they would like to donate to the show feel free to send an email to

So what do we have on the prelude to bitjob 10? Well as always, some kick ass tunes from, a mini rant about RadioDaddy, a short review of a strangest of the strange podcast by Brob at Podcast 411 and less talking by yours truly!

Just a reminder that bitjob 10 is going to be recorded next week. If you’d like to appear as a guest on the show, send an email to and we’ll take it from there. Ideally I’d like people who have something to do with music, but I’m pretty easy about any subject really.

Jawbreaker – Alex Webster
Too Much Drink – Griefindie
Silent Blue Room – Andrei
Antitrust – The Screen
Across the Lake – Orbis
Innocence – Spero
The Laundro-mat – Samantha Murphy
Do That Again – Dave Keegan
Porcupine – Falling Wallendas
Fallen Tree – qr5

bitjob 9! Download bitjob 9 NOW!

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Anywhere else – 07005981356

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Numbers, it’s all about numbers

All I can say is anthropomorphic! I truly am humbled, slightly by the support I’m currently getting via email but moreso by the pretty damn cool response I’m getting at – home of the world first opdcasting chipmunks! Apparently their flash player doesn’t like the bitrate that we’re encoded in (same with B&Y) so if you’re wanting to get through my show at double time, thats the place to do it. Currently I’m still #1 on, which is even better news than you being able to hear a chipmunk talking about bitjobs. If you’d like to keep me there, click here and send in a review! Methinks next I’ll be submitting a promo of sorts to Brob over at podcast411 sometime this week to get us a little more exposure, and just because of the great guy that he is.

The prep for the tenth show is going well, obviously it won’t be as big as 20 but I’ve already secured(ish) two especiale guests to interview. I do need your help though; baring in mind you have NO idea who these people will be, I’d like you to send in questions you’d like me to ask them. All I can confirm is that they are to do with Music. Nothing more, for that would spoil the suprise wouldn’t it? So email your questions to and the best ones will be asked with a possible prize sent out if I’m able to secure anything.

I still do need more guests, however. If you think you fit that bill let me know and we’ll talk more. Bare in mind that you don’t have to work in music to get on the show I’m not exactly clammering over people who want to come on! So get contributing to the show my listeners (I know there’re at least 3 of you) and get ready for the most spectacular bitjobs….ever!!!

bitjob 8

An hour and a half of bitjobbage goodness for you this time around, I think I’m beginning to find the ever elusive ‘niche’ that so many people talk about. Well, I *think* I am, at least. Good news, we’re ranked #1 on Its a relatively new directory, but being there from the start is always good for the future.

Peter Adams – The Disappeared

Chance – Say What You Will

A man of few words – My Virtual Band

Jenna Browne – Your Song

The Blue Method – All in Time

Samantha Murphy – Back to You

Allen Wentz – Jimmy’s Girl

Pippa Rogers – Tired

Five point plan – Sign Your Name

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bitjob 8 details

Encouraged by comments I’m receiving via both email and here, I’m currently looking at making the 8th show by far the best so far. has been getting hammered by me over the past few days as I attempt to pick out the best from the many, many bands available for people to download. As always, Skype will be on while I record the show and I’ll post the exact time I intend to sit down and do it as soon as I know it myself. By the way, hope you’ve noticed the new “Pages” links on the top right. I’m hoping that someone notices and decides they’d like to try a hand at co presenting, personally I think it’d bring something extra to the show, so if you’ve ever wanted to present a podcast, but don’t feel like setting your own one up, get in touch and we’ll talk turkey.

bitjob 7

This weeks show is a little more toned down than previous affairs. Shorter than last weeks and with more musical related stuff and less of the politics, you’re able to chill out a little bit while I play you some of the best tracks out on In a future show I’m hoping to get Samantha Murphy on the Skype line to get me my first interview, but until then lets enjoy the brilliance she has to offer on her new album, shall we?

As always, comments and the like are more than welcome. I always enjoy talking to people that enjoy what I’m doing here.

Track listing

Overrated – Rustic
I am You – Samantha Murphy
Broken Arrow – Slim Void
Just Another Night – Jenna Browne
Don’t They – The Blue Method

bitjob 7! Download bitjob 7 NOW!

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Anywhere else – 07005981356

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As we move towards the tenth bitjob for the masses!, I’m realising that it is time to evolve the show. To leave out the politics and other non music related nonsense from Podcastalley, and just do my thing. So expect a different show tonight. Concentrating on getting new music to you good people, playing music that is keeping with whatever theme of show I decide to do during the week, entertaining requests etc. Its time to make bitjobs a show more about the music and less about other crap. Why am I saying these crazy things? Well to be honest, I’ve never really *known* where this show was going. For the first 4 at least, I was just winging it. Finding songs that sounded cool and playing them. Listening to things like Coverville and Not Your Usual Bollocks I’ve realised that although I was going a little way towards getting people recognised, they way the show was being presented wasn’t really in a music show type format. In future shows I’m going to attempt to do that. Attempt being the important word here. I think this podcast is going to go through many a change in the coming months while I find my feet. Personally I think most podcasts go through that sort of defining time early in their careers. Its all part of the fun, damnit!

So show prep 101 here I come. Just received Samantha Murphy’s CD, which you should all go and buy, twice. I’m still trying to decide which track to play on tonights show, possibly something upbeat ‘cos its a Monday and Monday’s suck arse. All in all, I’m loving the album so far. Something different to what I usually listen to, but it fits so well with my musical taste. Plus its cool to be listening to the music of someone I “know”. Well sorta.

Thank you to Brian and Cory who emailed me this week from somewhere in Australia and said I had a good “radio voice”. I’ve got a good face for radio too. I still find it strange to think that someone in Australia is listening to me. Most of the time I can’t get people I know to listen to me, so I’m getting a big kick out of knowing that someone, anywhere in the world can get my twisted viewpoint on life once in a while.

So, tonight at 7pm GMT (work that out in your own timezone) I’ll be sitting down to record the show. It is Skype Monday, so if you fancy a natter on the show look up eluk_2005 anytime after 5pm GMT and we can arrange something, or if you don’t want it arranged just call. This goes for anyone. Whether you’re just stumbling across my site, or have been unfortunate enough to listen to my show in the past. Ideally, getting a musician or band I’ve played previously would be good (big fat hint), but we can’t have it all can we? If this works I think it’ll be a fun and enjoyable show to record, if not I’ll just wait for that damn Finnish person who won’t leave me alone to call. Again.

Voicemail # – US 206-338-2963
Anywhere else – 07005981356

  1. Brian Says:
    April 11th, 2005 at 10:46 am Thank you for mentioning the email El. I’m looking forward to this “Skype” show tonight. Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate, as at that time its time for work here! Keep up the good work, I’m enjoying listening to your show evolve into something better each week. Really quite differentto so many of the establish podcasts out there. It lets us into what its like for you doing what you do. Love it.
  2. El Says:
    April 11th, 2005 at 10:53 am Thank you Brian, its good to know that I’m not talking not posting to myself. I’ll have to arrange something with you to get a Skype call in with you at some point. Unfortunately I’m not that flexible with when I can do my podcasts. They have to be done in the evening on Monday and usually in the morning on Thursdays. Hopefully we can work something out in the future eh?
  3. Phill Says:
    April 11th, 2005 at 11:38 am Hey El. I told you I’d leave a comment. Stop begging for them damn it, it only makes you look desperate! Remember your days at the bank, you didn’t beg then, did you? No! If I knew what the fuck you were doing I’d get in on the act, it sounds like an interesting thing you’re doing. I should do one…
  4. El Says:
    April 11th, 2005 at 11:42 am I’m not begging you Sbrummie! Its called asking. You should know the difference. But yeah, I agree last week was a bit full on with the asking. Like its says in this post, things are going to change as much as I can in the next few weeks or so. Maybe I should get you on the show as a guest Brummie, that isn’t in Brum. Hmmmm.
  5. Not Your Usual Bollocks Says:
    April 12th, 2005 at 12:49 pm Sorry about the Skype debacle the other day! I left a message and then got pulled into some work so couldn’t take your call. You’re spot on with with trying to find your own ‘niche’. I relied on a synthesized computer voice to do all my song intros for the first four NYUB shows and I thought it was the coolest thing around until a few friends started pointing out that maybe it wasn’t so cool. :)
  6. El Says:
    April 12th, 2005 at 4:45 pm Not a problem with the Skype, I know what its like. I’ve listened to the first few shows of quite a few of the popular podcasts, and they all do change so much from week to week. When the ‘niche’ is found it usually sticks around and that show carries on to be a success, but its that period of starting out and finding said niche that, for me anyway, is so much fun listening to. Most of the time anyway ;)