Oooh, bitchy

Nick Starr posted a pretty attention grabbing post on podcastalley about the current state of the voting over there and his opinions of the slating that DnD have been getting recently. Now I’m someone who *was* an active DnD listener and particpaterer on their forum pre-finding-other-podcasts and the impression I got from their fanbase was that they worshipped the very ground they walked on. I mean, Nick Starr managed to raise over $700 to buy Drew an iPod photo, which is pretty damn impressive. However, I tend to agree with a lot of the opinions on the alley at the moment. The whole idea of podcasting (as I see it) is to get a wide variety of shows onto your iPod/mp3 player and sample of bit of everything before deciding what you like.

There are other podcasters coming through on the alley now that have seen the success of DnD over the past few months and attempt to imitate it. Frankly most of them suck. I know they say that imitation is the best form of flattery, but when its done badly there’s no getting away from the fact that they suck. I noticed a while ago that Drew no longer visits the alley. This might be because he was sick of getting flamed by FTL for allegedly fixing votes (he’s has now seemingly given up getting to number one this month, how strange) or just because he and Drew are more than busy with their show and forum (couldn’t get the bugger to load, so if anyone has a current post count hit me up).

The fact is, as podcasting grows in recognition there will be more and more new shows arriving, storming the charts and leaving. To launch an attack on the alley and its voting system (more or less every point Nick brought up theFerf had an answer for) must’ve been one of those spur of the moment things, because it didn’t seem like it was too well researched or planned. Nick has me on Skype and is welcome to drop me a message or anything if he wants to some time.

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