bitjob #6

Well that worked, didn’t it? Bitjob 6 is what podcasting is all about; doing things on a whim. If this were Sesame Street, todays show would brought to you by the letter R for ROCK. I’ve decided to move to a bi-weekly podcast, having one with lots of music on a Thursday and one with Skype calls, interviews and other shizz on a Monday night, not getting away from the fact that bitjobs is a music show, I do find myself running out of time on a lot of the shows, so we’ll see how we go.

Today I play a pretty wide range of tracks from, excitedly play Allen Wentz’s (he used to be the bassist for Wild Cherry!!;Play that Funky Music among other things) track Any Other Thursday (quite fitting really), show Samantha Murphy some love and play I Wanna Go Home from her new Album; Somewhere Between Starving and Stardom.

Monday nights (my time) is now going to be my Skype, interview type show (if I can get it working) and I now need your help to gather people, topics and the like which we can discuss. If it works out, I’ll carry it on past the next few weeks and such. My hope is to be able to get one or more of the artistes that I’m playing on the show onto these Skypey shows. If you think you might be interested in taking part in an organised*gasp* interview, drop me an email to and I’ll set the ball rolling.

Now, I’m going to finish listening to the Star Wars mashup podcast and suggest that you do the same as soon as you’ve finished listening to bitjob 6!

Songs in the key of El…

retrograde – complicated
badplumbing – hannibal song
allen wentz – any other thursday
cookiepuss – refugees us
stereo apollo – careful for the undertow
the dailye journal – inside out
samantha murphy – i wanna go home
badplumbing – the drug song
robert wade – monkey cymbals
carma – don’t make me do it
the arse klarts – rock n rolly neck

Under the hood

taxi doll – look at what you get.
collide – razor sharp
greenman – conversation with death
take me with you – greenfield
freda – promise to stay
freda – maybe


Voicemail # – US 206-338-2963
Anywhere else – 07005981356