BFM #184

Here we go then, the first show recorded simultaneously over Mogulus and streamed to, well, no one 😉 I had a change of plans this morning, so had to get everything set for a certain time this morning. The video is embedded in this very post*, so you can have a look at the show or goto the channel and click on the on demand option to have a look any time.

Right, now on to the show itself. The live/video recording aspect of it did throw me off a little to start with, but I managed to get comfortable with it towards the end of the show. I’ve been emailing a few of the bands we used to play to gauge their interested in getting involved in the live stuff and, so far, it’s been very well received.

If you are involved in/or know of a band that would be interested in doing something for the show, please send them my way. I’m seriously thinking of getting some HD footage of sessions recorded and broadcast on the channel/shows so it’d be good to get some help on that front.

So, a few more tracks for you today with a distinctly rocky feel. I had a lot of fun with today’s show, and you can really see that if you take a look at the video of it. If enough people want it, I might make a video feed that will feature a lot of the stuff from Mogulus and Qik.


Comments, as always, are appreciated and encouraged. You can do it via email, skype – eluk_2005 or on Twitter. Hope you enjoy, I’ll be back for another one on Thursday 😉

*Video to come later, I need to take a look at ways of embedding in to the site.

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  1. I lost track of you, but thanks to Twitter, I am back. And thanks goodness Bitjobs is back. I've missed it.

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