A New Beginning

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking about getting back in to Podcasting. Since moving to Cornwall I’ve been able to record two shows which really isn’t enough considering I used to do one nearly every day! I’ve decided to put up an archive of shows to fill that gap with a view to launching something properly in the next few weeks. One thing I noticed when I left Rhubarb Radio was that I was used to interacting with a team and producing a structured show which fit the Saturday morning slot perfectly. Podcasting is different, it’s on demand and can be listened to anyone, anywhere, around the world. I need to produce something that is going to fit that whilst at the same time bringing that independent music I’ve been championing for ten years to the masses. I’m going to be contacting local bands down here to start sourcing some music. Cornwall is a rich, vibrant cultural county and I need to champion that on whatever show I decide to run with.

I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis with the shows recently. I managed to get Midsweep for the Masses! out finally (after about 4 tries) but it didn’t feel quite right. The whole thing with Rhubarb Radio has left me a bit deflated, but maybe it’s time to move on properly. When I decided to bring it back 3 years ago it felt as though that was something for me to use to hold on to Birmingham with but it’s not quite worked like that. Moving made it hard to keep things going and the people that expressed interest at the time moved on to Brum Radio. I don’t blame them, it’s what Birmingham needed after the way Rhubarb left them feeling the first time around. I think it’s time for me to be me. I know that sounds contrived and pretentious, but it’s how I feel at the moment. It’s time for something new, something that reignites my passion for this whilst at the same time celebrates the beautiful place where I live.

Rhubarb Lowdown

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to do something connected with podcasting again, but I really missed being part of a community. When I left Rhubarb, I missed it instantly. Not just producing the show, but being part of the technical & outside broadcast teams and doing a bit of production for new shows if they needed it. I’ve been working with Sticky Joe for a while now. He was involved in Rhubarb just before it went under and really enjoyed his time on it. He studied sound at BCU and is in the process of putting together an album working with artists from Birmingham, Jamica, Brazil and Germany (so far). Over the past few weeks I’ve been listening to old shows and talking more and more to Joe about resurrecting Rhubarb in some way.

On Monday I secured the domain names for Rhubarb Radio. They had been registered just before they expired last year and in October I started an email dialog with the registrant. We’ve both been really busy recently so emails were sporadic. He’s agreed to let us use them as he’s also really passionate about music and loved what Rhubarb was at it’s peak. I was out of work when I got involved properly and Rhubarb was a springboard to everything I’m doing now. It gave me the confidence to start building websites, meet new people and share the music that I loved most with people.

The ethos of New Rhubarb is simple. It’s going to be a global community of DJs, podcasters, musicians, comedians, poets and everything in between. Primarily a music station, we’re also encouraging people to produce documentaries, radio dramas, sports shows, phone ins and original content. There won’t be any explicit content on the station, at all. We want people to be able to tune in to the live stream and be able to share it with their family and friends.

All shows will be pre-recorded for now. We’re keeping costs to a minimum and I’m covering the server space at the moment. There are a couple of ideas on how we can raise some money in the future and we may ask for a contribution from shows to keep things going. It won’t be much, probably in the vicinity of £2-5 per show, per month but it will help. The schedule will be on a rotational basis on the most part, with “series” of 6-10 shows to allow people to secure more content and still be a part of it without having to be too committed.

We don’t have a studio space at the moment. Again to keep costs to a minimum but to allow myself and Joe to run the station without having to keep an eye on an external space. It doesn’t take much equipment to record a show at home and we’ll be providing quick tutorials on how to record once the new website is up and running. So far we’ve had about 30 people express an interest in doing shows for us and we’re looking to launch sometime in September.

Although we’re using the old logo for now, we have already started the rebranding process which should be complete in a couple of weeks. We’ll also be producing a whole new set of jingles for people to use on their shows and to handle the scheduling announcements on the stream.

We’ll be releasing more information on how to register later today, but for now if you’d like to be a part of it you can send a demo show to us. An existing podcast is fine, as long as you’re aware that when the station is up and running we’ll be looking for something specific to Rhubarb. We’re also looking for mixes, so if you’re doing something regularly on Soundcloud or Mixcloud, send us some links. You can leave a comment here, find us on Facebook or talk to us on Twitter.

For press enquiries, please contact production@rhubarbradio.com.

Podcast User Magazine Article – Circa 2007

Working as podcast producer
Working as podcast producer by the tartanpodcast, on Flickr

Looking through my collection of Google Docs, I stumbled across the following article that I wrote for Podcast User Magazine, possibly from 2007. This year marks seven years since I started Podcasting and, although lately I’ve been very lax on getting a regular show out, it’s still a very big part of my life.

Part of me wishes that the revolution I talk about in the article actually did happen and that these artists found fame for being extremely good at what they did, rather than through a Simon Cowell backed reality TV show. Can’t have everything though, can you?

How Podcasting is helping independent bands bring their music to the masses

Picture the scene. Early 2005 in a small, quiet house in central England. A 19-year-old guy who previously attempted to learn to play the drums, and failed, sits at his computer listening to a Podcast for the very first time, amazed that he is able to listen to some guy in the US talk with another guy and play music – their own music. The concept immediately has him thinking of the many “radio shows” he had recorded with a friend while at school. Only this time, there actually might be a chance for people to hear what he had been trying to say.

That was my very first experience of podcasting, listening to Steve Lacey sit down and have a chat with a friend from his band; Spank. They talked about everyday things, podcasting, music and their band’s impending CD-release party. I was immediately bitten by the podcasting bug and wanted to know more. How did it all work? What did I need to do to get my own one out there? These answers were quite hard to come by, but after about a week I managed to hastily cobble together a very quiet podcast entitled “El’s Thoughts”.

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BFM #186 – Back to the Old Skool

Back with a new show for you this week. As always, featuring the very best music from around the world.

I go on about it enough on the show, but I would really like some comments from you people. I can see there are definitely people downloading the shows, but it would be nice to have some feedback to share with the rest of you.

Easiest way to do that is to leave a comment below, it only takes a couple of clicks 😉

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New Show – Midsweep #1

Sort of a new show from me, although this one will be syndicated online at http://nervecastradio.com – I present to you episode one of NerveCast Midsweep. A bi-weekly show, I’ll be concentrating on bands from the Midlands, all the way up to the “North” of the UK while John does the South and Dick is let loose up North.

A new bitjobs is on it’s way, even easier now my host has pulled it’s finger out and got the site up and running again. Let me know what you think, if you like 😉

New Project – NerveCast Midsweep

Earlier this year I announced I would be getting back in to podcasting again. After a few problems (lack of time etc) I’ve managed to get back in to a fairly regular routine, whether releasing new shows, or digging out some of my favourites from the archives and serving them up for you again.

A few weeks ago I approached John over at NerveCast Radio about producing a regular show for him. He must have liked what he heard, because a within a few days he’d offered me a regular slot on the station.

Starting May 8th, I’ll be producing a bi-weekly show for NerveCast, Midsweep, covering bands from the Midlands (Watford, up to the North of England). This is a massive opportunity for me, as John’s show hits a few hundred thousand listeners.

The rebrand of the show site to Hyprmedia isn’t just a temporary thing, as I go on producing content, it will appear here under the one umbrella.Very much looking forward to this, and I’m sure the bands who get featured will be too.

BFM Gold – Jay Moonah of Uncle Seth

While I’m getting domain names transferred and hosts to sort themselves out, have a bit of a nostalgiafest again with an interview from 2007. This time it’s Jay Moonah of Canadian band, Uncle Seth.

I’ve not heard much from the band for a couple of years, but Jay is still around at his website or follow him on twitter.

With any luck, everything will be sorted out for next weeks show, if not I’m sure I have a few other interviews and old shows that a lof of you haven’t heard for a while/at all.

As always, I appreciate you listening, even when there’s not new content. So it would be great if you could spread the word over on Twitter or Facebook and help get the listenership back up to the dizzy heights of 2007 😉

BFM Gold – The Paisley Riot Interview

No new show for you this week because I’m out and about. I do have a cracker for you from the archives though – this is an interview with (now defunkt) Midlands band Paisley Riot.

We spent a day in the studio with them, recording 10 tracks and then went back to a hotel room to interview them. That day was one of my best since I’ve been podcasting and that really comes across on the show.

Hope you like it, see you next week.

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