New Project – NerveCast Midsweep

Earlier this year I announced I would be getting back in to podcasting again. After a few problems (lack of time etc) I’ve managed to get back in to a fairly regular routine, whether releasing new shows, or digging out some of my favourites from the archives and serving them up for you again.

A few weeks ago I approached John over at NerveCast Radio about producing a regular show for him. He must have liked what he heard, because a within a few days he’d offered me a regular slot on the station.

Starting May 8th, I’ll be producing a bi-weekly show for NerveCast, Midsweep, covering bands from the Midlands (Watford, up to the North of England). This is a massive opportunity for me, as John’s show hits a few hundred thousand listeners.

The rebrand of the show site to Hyprmedia isn’t just a temporary thing, as I go on producing content, it will appear here under the one umbrella.Very much looking forward to this, and I’m sure the bands who get featured will be too.