Six Months On

Since I stopped my show on Rhubarb Radio, the weeks have tumbled along without me noticing. Prepping for a show each week took about 12 hours, which included sourcing the music, writing the show notes, organising any musicians we’d have in and then actually doing the show. Time went a lot slowly because I was planning week to week, instead of completely knowing what was going to happen – if that makes sense.

When I decided to leave Rhubarb, I thought I’d get that time back to devote to something else. Stamp collecting, photography, ballet – something to replace that 12 hours I now had free by not doing a weekly radio show.

Starting a business has been an amazing ride and in the blink of an eye, we’re six months in to trading as wild ilk. In a way, that time I used to spend on the show has now become time where I’ll spend collating our 12 month projections or thinking about the best way to launch refreshed versions of our portfolio site. It’s not a hobby when you run a business, everything sort of melds in to one. I’ve definitely learnt a lot more than I ever did working in an office for a “big” company. However much those companies say you’ll better yourself by spending 12 hours a day on the phone listening to customers moan at you, don’t believe them.

This week I received an invitation to join the Institute of Directors. I know it’s not a big deal, but it’s kind of cool to think that I’m not a grunt who works at the front line of customer service any more, I’m now a full-time Web Designer/Director/Chief Financial Officer of a company. I’m not trying to sound better than those people, I’ve just come to realise that doing what I did for eight years wasn’t really what I wanted to do.

Six months in; we’re thinking about moving in to studio space, our work is being displayed at the new Spiceal Street development in Birmingham and we’re about to start a project that will hopefully bring together Creatives from the many corners of the globe together online.

When I blog it always seems to be reminiscing about something, or setting goals for the future. As things change at work, I’m going to be getting back in to regularly talking about stuff that I enjoy as well. I’ve been meaning to write a book for five years, want to play the guitar and see a lot more of the world. Oh and I think I need a haircut.

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  1. Cheers matey, yeah it’s been a wild ride over the past few months. Things are definitely on the up 🙂

  2. Fantastic news and a really inspiring blog post.

    Being your own boss is simply the best, there’s no professional reward like it.

    Yes, it’s hard work, yes it can be demanding, but those are just trade-offs for the satisfaction of working for yourself and reaping all of the profits.

    Hopefully you’ll be able to manage the work/life balance, as this is vitally important to you being sustainable in your role.

    All the best!

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