Testing it Live on Thursday

I’ve been playing around with Mogulus since Sunday evening and have to say I’m impressed (thanks Dean ;)). The test channel is running constantly at the right hand side of this site, and I’ll continue to play with it over the next couple of days before going live on Thursday night at 7:30pm GMT to record the next show (don’t worry if you can’t make it live, the whole thing will be recorded and put out on the feed).

Now I’m not saying that I’m doing anything that hasn’t been done before, but as someone who did a good few live Shoutcast shows a couple of years ago, this seems like the next step. Will it work? I hope so, the potential for incorporating stuff via Qik when I’m out and about is a massive one for me as well as being able to interact live.

You can take a look at the test channel here. It’s only playing Podfest footage at the moment, but I’m hoping to get some more stuff in there soon.

Better get my make up done!