Getting there

Things have been up and down for me lately, but over the past few days I’ve realised that there’s no point in feeling too sorry for myself all the time.

I’ve got a great job, not in terms of what I do, but because of the people that I work with. At times they’re like an extended family, supporting me and letting me moan at them when I need to.

I’ve been spurred on to restart podcasting full-time. I think I might have a go, even if I don’t get to the regularity that I did “back in the day” it’ll be quite good to be able to build up an audience again.

I’ve not decided what subject I’m going to concentrate on, if any, but I do know I want to get away from just doing a “music” show.

I’ve been involved with GamesAreEvil since day one, although since my Xbox died I’ve not been too active with my writing on there. Now I have my iPhone, expect a lot more from me over there. If you’ve not checked us out, go over to; there’s a team of great writers and passionate gamers over there that are really out to improve on the myriad of gaming sites around at the moment.

I’m in yet another period of transition, hoping this will be my last for a while, otherwise I’m gonna go grey very quickly!