Now Running WordPress 2.7 beta

As the sub-title of my blog suggests, this is all a work in progress. Last night at about 3am my bleary eyes somehow spied the announcement that WordPress 2.7 has entered beta and was available for download. Having dabbled with a lot of beta releases for a few years now, I decided to give it a go.

I’ve been using WordPress since around 1.5 (2005) and in that time I’ve seen it evolve into an amazing piece of blogging software. The latest release is no different.

If you’re in to living on the bleeding edge of software development, head on over to WordPress and download the beta, backup your database, and then join in the fun.

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3 Replies to “Now Running WordPress 2.7 beta”

  1. Hey Patrick, thanks!

    It’s an ajax based system that is built in to k2. The version number should always be in the footer, the extra bits are to do with the beta builds I’m using.

    This is what is in my footer file. Tweak it to suit your needs;

    <?php printf(__('%1$s is powered by %2$s and %3$s','k2_domain'), get_bloginfo('name') , 'WordPress ‘ . get_bloginfo(‘version’) . ‘‘, ‘K2‘ ) ?>

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