A Revisit to Podcasting

I’ve been podcasting since 2005, whatever people say. It started as an experiment and moved on to semi-big things when I joined up with PodShow and started to promote PodFest in 2006 and, although I enjoyed it, there was always something missing especially considering how much time I was putting in to editing, publishing and promoting the shows.

Since starting to blog again, I’ve found times where things would have been easier to put in to words. Nothing mammoth like some of my old shows, but just a five or ten minute piece with a track or two for people to digest on their way to work.

I’m going to aim for at least one show per year, that way I won’t be setting my sights too high and won’t be disappointing any listeners I might garner along the way. There was a time when I could commit to pumping out one show per day, but I’m not going to even try that this time.

To remind any of you who haven’t listened to my previous work, I’ve included one of the Birmingham showcases I did back in 2006 for bitjobs. Hit play on the bottom of the post, or alternatively download for future play on your computer/portable MP3 player.

I already have a couple of tracks lined up for episode 1 of PCDC and I’ll try and record a show later today. I’ve just got to see if I still have “it”.

Comments, as always, appreciated.


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