It seems that the new craze for the end of this year is for everyone to have a netbook. They’re now being sold at the Carphone Warehouse with mobile broadband packages and are going some way to encouraging people who aren’t particularly tech savvy to jump on board and get online.

PCs used to be considered gaming machines, but with the introduction of the next gen consoles and their integration in to the family home, along with the lack of many decent titles available these days (with the exception of the C&C series and Sims 3, of course ;)) they’re becoming more and more synonymous with using the internet.

There are plenty of articles on netbooks around the internet, including an article from June over at Cnet UK down their top 10 recommended netbooks. From what I’ve read, the Asus netbooks seem to fit what I’d like to use them for without being too underpowered.

I’ve been after a new laptop for a while and quite a few times I’ve had a look at the Macbooks, but just can’t seem to justify spending £1000+ for something that looks pretty but ultimately the same thing can be achieved by spending a fraction of that.

The main hurdle I’m getting to now is whether or not to go for the Windows XP or the Linux version of the Asus eeePC 1000. I’ve dealt with Linux before, with varying results; There’s always been something missing from it that makes me want to reinstall Windows and struggle along again. Looking around at various reviews around the net, I’m starting to paint a picture about the kind of machine I’ll most likely go for in the near future.

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2 Replies to “Netbooks”

  1. Get the Linux version. It’s totally worth the learning curve. Vote with your wallet – don’t do Windows!

    I have an eeePC Linux version 4G. I love it. The keyboard and screen are tiny, but drive an external monitor well. Perfect for quick jump on the net at coffeehouse or hotel. Grab one now!

  2. Hey Rob, thanks for stopping by!

    I’ve used Ubuntu for a few years now; still have it on my old desktop. My only problem would be not having anything to play the odd game of Sims 3 or Spore when I finally get round to forking out for those 😉

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