More of Me

I’ve missed blogging. When I first started in 2005 it was more to accompany my podcasts than anything. Somewhere to write the shownotes, plea for people to get in contact with me etc; a general extension and companion to my show (and it’s many incarnations).

I remember a few times I moaned about the current state of the podcasting “community”, only to be shouted at by a few of my peers for doing so. What my blog lacked was a real theme. Something that I could concentrate on while I was staring at my laptop at 2am or go out and actually do some research on, then post my opinion about.

My aim with this blog is to do that; bring you, the audience (yes, all three of you ;)) my opinion on a wide range of topics that I feel quite passionate about; y’know the same as what them “superstar” bloggers do on a very regular basis.

Look out for more changes to the site in the next few days. I’m gonna get my tweakin’ hat on.

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