So Long, Big City

I’m moving to Cornwall in two weeks time. It’ll mark the end of a turbulent 10 years here in Birmingham, including nearly three years in Kings Heath. In my time here I’ve set up two businesses, put on gigs, discovered new music and made life-long friends. It’s not much on (virtual) paper, but it’s my life and although there have been some really low-times, there have been some equally brilliant ones. A year ago my daughter moved down there and at the time I was apprehensive about what that meant. I’d been a constant in her life since she was born so knowing I’d only see her when time (and money) allowed was hard for me to take.

The end of the month marks a new chapter in my life, a fresh start with my first love and the chance to live somewhere that’s truly inspiring. I’ll be back in Birmingham every few months and I hope I can hold on to those friendships I’ve built. Being involved in Rhubarb Radio again will keep that link with the city I’ve grown up in, but I’m going to miss all of this.