Ten Years on the Internet

Ten years ago, I’d just (give or take) signed up for a Hotmail account and made the jump into the wonderful world of the Internet. I’d been badgering my Dad about it for at least 6 months, having been let loose round my best mates house a few times.

Once we finally got it, I didn’t actually know what to do with it. There was nowhere to go, no one to “talk” to, it was all actually a bit shit. Until I discovered that you could actually make your own websites.

Freeserve (nee Wanadoo/Orange) released 10Mb of web space with their accounts, so I used my copy of Frontpage – probably the only useful thing it could do – to start recreating the websites I’d been trying to make using Word and linking to local files.

Quite frankly, they were pretty rubbish, as you can see for yourself at http://nowfmuk.8k.com/index.html.

Although it taught me a lot about what I now do as a full-time job, so not a complete waste of time.

Have a look around if you like. I’m sure there are plenty more of those sites out there somewhere, although most were on Geocities, so have probably been lost in the ether forevermore.