A New Podcast is Coming

I’m listening to more and more music recently. Mainly switching between Last.fm for stuff that I already know and Spotify for stuff I know and either haven’t got, or want to try.

Admittedly I’m not listening to enough new music, either from the Midlands or beyond. I’m hoping to change that in the next couple of weeks as I start going out to gigs and asking bands to send me stuff to play on my podcast. When I started I used to get a stack of CDs each week. Bands from around the world somehow got hold of my address and sent me their new stuff ready to play on bitjobs and later, The Midsweep.

In the six months I’ve not been on Rhubarb Radio, I’ve begun to miss recording a show each week. Since 2005, I had recorded something weekly, save for a few breaks here and there. I’ve made arrangements to get my old mixer back from the company I used to do conferences for, have found my trusting Sennheiser mic and am ready to start again.

It’s likely The Midsweep will return, albeit in a different format than before. I’m even considering doing a live stream via Shoutcast at a set time each week and seeing what live listeners I can muster up from the good old days. I haven’t really got time to do it from a studio on any sort of radio station, even though I’ve been in talks with a couple since leaving Rhubarb. I don’t think it would feel right to do that, the live show in a studio has had its day for me – the show is bigger than that anyway, I hope.

The Midsweep has some new branding, and I think it’s time to put it to good use. Oh and I think I know a couple of guys who can help me design a website for it too 😉