Speechfewapy at We Are Birmingham

For this months Midsweep gig at We Are Birmingham we teamed up with Speechfewapy to host a showcase featuring Ben Calvert, Young Runaways and Tom Peel.

For a gig that started at 6:30 on a Friday night, it was pretty well attended with all three acts drawing applause and getting the audience (and We Are Birmingham staff) on their feet and jumping around. I recorded a rather shaky video of Young Runaways last song, a cover of The Specials.

Young Runaways – A Message to You Rudy (Live) from Phil Coyne on Vimeo.

I came across some videos of the PodFest gigs that I used to put on with Nina Spink over the weekend. Back when Podcasting was ‘big’ I had the idea of putting on gigs that would be live streamed from the venue around the world. It wasn’t a new idea (although quite similar to what we ended up doing at Rhubarb) but the idea of recording the gigs, slotting in an interview and then releasing the video online hadn’t been done by a small (three-man) team before.

Travelling to Camden each month was at times hard, but always exciting. I used to travel with the cameraman, Rob either getting the last train back or getting stuck in traffic and barely making it in time. As a lot of the things I do are, Podfest was an experiment – mainly to see if I could pull something like that off, getting bands in each month, recording and putting out the finished material. At times it worked, but I know looking back that we all had to sacrifice a lot of time each month to keep it ticking over.

After I stopped doing it, Nina carried on for a few months working with some other UK Podcasters, Rowley from DarkCompass and I *think* GD from GreenDragon (couldn’t find a link) while I started a new job and got my life on track a bit.

Since Google Video is closing, and YouTube won’t let me post videos over 15 minutes long, I’ll be uploading to Vimeo in the next few days. I’ll warn you now, the presenting isn’t much cop, but some of the performances were pretty good. I know that if I did it now it’d be a completely different affair. And also, please excuse the haircut.

Included below is the ‘Best Of’ video, it’ll be interesting to see what people make of it.

Best of PodFest 2007 from Phil Coyne on Vimeo.