Can we start that again please?

2011 hasn’t exactly started the way I’d have liked it to. Last week I was recovering from partying a little bit too hard over New Year and everything I wrote in my pre New Year post, didn’t actually make any sense to me. The second week of 2011 started with the exhaust falling off my car and a subsequent ?200 bill to get it replaced.

The difference between this week and last? I’m actually in a good mood. A few hours this morning writing up Terms and Conditions for Wild Ilk wouldn’t usually get much enthusiasm out of me, but today, it’s different. I’ve got a meeting with Scratch Radio on Friday about taking The Midsweep over to them, which would fill the void that’s been left since I stopped doing it only a few weeks ago.

So I’m officially declaring the first week of 2011 null and void, this is where it starts and it’s going to be a good one.