Moving on from Rhubarb Radio

Since July 2009, I’ve been broadcasting The Midsweep on Rhubarb Radio every Saturday morning between 10am and noon. In that time I’ve interviewed 20 or so bands and artists, including UB40’s Brian Travers, recorded a dozen or so live events from all over the City and made some amazing friendships along the way.

I was also given the task of administering the website, making sure programmes were recorded and fixing the Listen Again feature – which I believe is still one of the best features the station has.

My last post was about the trouble that Rhubarb has found itself in now that Daniel Cremin of Dynamics Arts is looking at moving away from funding the station. At the time of posting, I was passionate about trying to help save something that I felt I owed so much to. As the weeks have gone on, that passion has faded away, as it does with many things you devote most of your free time to.

This Saturday will be my last show on Rhubarb Radio and I’ll be doing a cheesy “Best Of” show, featuring the tracks we’ve recorded live, some of the interviews we’ve done and other various highlights that have happened over the past 18 months or so.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s listened, contributed, played on and supported the show, without you it wouldn’t have been such an amazing time. Also a special thanks to Steve, Amy, Gemma, Tammy and Dave who’ve all been producing, co-hosting and researching for me along the way.

I plan to carry on Podcasting the show at some point in the future, possibly with a live stream at the same time to keep that radioesque aspect of the show, but for now it’s ta-ra a bit.