End of a long week

At the beginning of this week, I was pretty down about the state of things to do with Rhubarb Radio. As you probably know by now, we’re moving away from being linked to our parent company, Dynamics Arts, and restructuring which includes setting up as a new enitity.

I’ve been told lots of different things by lots of different people this week. Some are in support of us carrying on Rhubarb, others say it’s time to give up and move on and others are indifferent about it all. These are all valid opinions, but the main thing that matters is that we have the people on board who are willing to make it happen.

At the meeting on Wednesday, we decided that we were going to carry on, but it was evident that we need to raise money to make that happen. Doing some figures, it’s around about ?5k per year to help us run the station smoothly. This includes buying new equipment and spending a small portion of money on advertising. The quick fix is to look to the membership that we currently have. A figure of ?30 per member, per year would raise around half of what we need – as the member base grows, obviously that will increase, but for the long term going down funding avenues is what we need to do.

If you’ve enjoyed listening to Rhubarb over the past two years, now is the time to help us out. We’ve set up a Paypal donate button and will soon be launching a “Save Rhubarb Radio” campaign both online and off. Please spread the word about this to whoever you can, we’re looking forward to being a part of Birmingham’s creative community for as long as we possibly can.