Twitters’ hit the fan

Over the past few days, the use of Twitter in the UK has exploded. It started on Monday with mostof Twitter’s UK populace using #uksnow at the end of updates about the state of the snow in their postcode. This led to a mashup from Ben Marsh here, detailing pretty much in realtime the level of snow around the UK.

It seems that today we’ve had half of BBC Radio 1 sign up, as well as EwanMcGregor. Not to mention Phillip Schofield and his damn hedge and #schofeshedge.

Looking ahead, I think that now some “celebrities” are using it, Twitter will quickly become as much of a must have web app as Facebook.

As someone who’s been using Twitter for quite a while, it’s refreshing to see new people signing up and taking part in the discussions. Whether they stick around once the novelty wears off remains to be seen.