Back to Portgual

During the early part of 2000, we visited Portugal for the first time. After big trips to the US and Canada, things were toned down a little with relaxing weeks in the sun.

My parents loved the place and ended up investing in a timeshare. I don’t remember too much about it, apart from it involving a three hour “tour” of Praia da Oura and a meal with a very over the top Cockney, named Mike.

From then on, for the next three years, we travelled back every March during half term. 2003 was the last time I went with them, so it feels really great to be going back this March with my Mum and Aimee for her first trip abroad. It’s hit me recently how different it’ll be without my Dad there; we used to start off every day with a good few hours reading books and listening to music by the poolside while Mum went off drinking coffee and practising her Portugese.

Although it’s our first trip without him (and my first in six years) I think it’ll be a welcome break. The past few years have been tough for us as a family, so being able to drink cheap(ish) beer and forget about the world back home for a week will be extremely enjoyable.

If I can work out how much I’ll be charged while I’m there (I’ve seen £3/£6 per mb) I’ll probably post some short updates, or at least use WordPress on the iPhone to save some drafts ready for when I get back.