Ubuntu has evolved

iTunes and Linux I first started playing around with Linux in 2005. I was distraught with how slow Windows XP was and wanted to dabble with something that was a little closer to OSX.

At that time, my first podcast was just getting off the ground, so I started to dual boot Windows XP and Kubuntu, simply because I needed to have XP running to record new shows and talk to contacts over Skype. It was a steep learning curve, especially after the relatively easy plug ‘n play option that XP provided me.

I’ve returned to Linux a few times since my first foray into using it and each time I’ve seen some improvement with each aspect of it. Installation is now very easy, especially when using a LiveCD which allows you to boot in to a distro and have a play around before installing completely.

With netbooks becoming so popular, I think we will see an increase in the use of Linux distros like Ubuntu as consumers start to realise that almost every app that you can run on Windows has an alternative which is a lot of the time a better option.

We have a lot of music on our NAS drive. To use that in iTunes, we have to have a mirror on a USB hard drive and constantly update the changes that we’re making.

Amarok is a fantastic alternative and handles large, networked libraries very well. Allowing me to have all of our music available without having to deal with crashes, slow downs or memory leaks – otherwise known as iTunes.

The one main thing that may put people off Linux is the learning curve. Most aspects of installation are pretty straight forward, but when you get under the hood and actually start trying to customise your install, problems can quickly occur.

I’ve bricked installations a few times in the past couple of years, simply by tinkering around with some of options and not being able to remember what I’ve done to right it.

So far, I’ve been running the latest version of Ubuntu for a couple of weeks with no major problems and I can honestly say that I don’t miss anything about Windows.

While I can’t afford to plonk down ridiculous amounts of cash to get a MacBook, Linux is going to be my stop gap.

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