Sucks to be me

For the past three years I’ve had rotten luck. Unlucky is not a word I’ve ever used to describe myself before, but today I realised that’s basically what I am. I can’t and won’t go in to the details here because I respect the privacy of those involved, but I will tell you what I can;

The two good things I’ve got out of the past 5 years of my life and Aimee and Sophie-Rose. Whatever has happened in between those two events has obviously happened for a reason and to make me stronger.

There’s one person in particular who I will always love, regardless of what happens in the coming months. She has made my life complete, shared good times as well as bad and, deep down I’ll always want her to be a part of my life.

There is a void left in my heart where she used to be, but surely that void can be filled by her again, someday? I owe it to myself to believe that, because when the ball starts rolling, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get back on track.

Love is the strongest emotion of all. Lets hope it wins through for once.