New Beginnings

Sophie Rose CoyneChildbirth is a miracle. Even after twenty-seven and a half hours of labour, Michelle and I can definitely confirm that. The picture to your left is of Sophie Rose Coyne, born at 22:05GMT on the 1/11. She’s been a handful from day one, giving us a few scares within the first few months of us knowing she was going to, one day, arrive.

Yesterday marked a new beginning. Not many of you will know that my father passed away on the 6/10 at home, with the most important people in his life by his side. I kept that part of my life quite private, simply because I didn’t know how to communicate how I felt about it, until now.

He had been battling cancer for eighteen months and, despite a time where all thought he was going to pull through and begin treatment again, finally let go and moved on to the next part of his life only a few days after arriving home from the local hospice.

I don’t necessarily believe in God, but I do believe that he is still around somewhere and that he would be proud to have a Granddaughter as beautiful as Sophie. Wherever he is, I do hope he joined me in wetting the babies’ head this evening.

Yesterday marked a new beginning for our family. My four year old daughter, Aimee, now has the little sister that she’s been desperate for and every other member of our family has a beautiful baby girl to spoil and dote over.

It still hasn’t fully sank in. Michelle and Sophie are only a few miles away, but they may as well be over the other side of the world right now. If all goes to plan, they will both be home on Tuesday morning and we can’t begin our new life together properly.

You’ll begin to see a steady flow of photos enter my flickr stream over the coming weeks and months. Obviously not all will be posted, as I do believe that some pictures should be restricted to family and, sometimes, friends. If you are a geniune friend of mine, feel free to send me a request.

This week will be a pretty monumental week in history; a new US President, Hamilton winning the World Championship, Arsenal losing to Stoke and, of course, Sophie Rose finally gracing us with her presence.

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