I found where TalkTalk hid their Customer Service

After my slight rant about TalkTalk a couple of days ago, I decided to take the advice of a long suffering customer who has just started using their forum to see if it really was possible for a company to redeem themselves.

Interested in uncapping my speed up to 24mbps for £4 a month, I decided to post a message on there and giving them a go. After four months of battling over the phone everytime I had to call Customer Services, I must say that this was a refreshing change.

It’s so refreshing for a company to be open to changing the way they work from the ground up and not only that, to use the Internet to do it. I guess the only problem at the moment for them is that their phone support staff are clueless about a lot of the ‘boosts’ that are being launched now and, because of word of mouth, a lot of customers are flooding the forum with requests to be upgraded.

When I worked at Direct Line, it was on the ‘internet section’. We dealt with customers who had registered their claims online or wanted to query their existing ones. Although this was five years ago, it made a lot of people comment on how easy it was to get answers instead of having to wait on the end of the phone for any great length of time.

I think it’s time other companies start to embrace the fact that their customers want to manage their accounts online, not only for paying bills, but for sorting out problems as well.

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