Flickr reaches 3 billion photos – I uploaded 789 ;)

I love Flickr. I’ve been using it since 2005 and see it as a great tool to store photos and videos. Having two kids, photos are a parents way of tracking their progress from day to day.

Pondering something

Looking at Aimee’s first photos on Flickr and then comparing her now, I can see subtle features in her face that remain today, she’s just got A LOT bigger 😉

Flickr, Twitter, Plurk and whatever other social media apps get released in the next few years will be instrumental in documenting both Aimee and Sophie as they grow up.

It’ll be interesting to look back (provided the services still exist) and save them the hassle that my certainly my generation have of having to scan in their Parent’s and Grandparent’s photos for upload to the ‘net.

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