Back to normality

This week has been a long one. Sophie-Rose came back from hospital on Tuesday and since then it’s been non stop. Any family is keen to see a new arrival, especially after waiting so long.

Today marks the end of her first week at home and we did that with quite a big family party. Surprisingly, she didn’t wake up for any of it; despite lots of Aunts’ and Uncles’ passing her round like a hot potato (and back to Mummy or Daddy when she filled her nappy).

She’s changed so much in the last few days, but we’re already making the most of using online services like Flickr to keep a track of her early progress and give us all something to look back on when she gets a little older.

odadeoI’ve been using Odadeo a little bit this week. It’s quite a unique service that enables Dads to make pledges about things they’re going to try and do more of with their kids. Once those pledges are made, users can ‘pip’ everytime they do something towards it adding a point to the DADSDAQ.

You can then see your progress in comparison to everyone else on the site. So far I’ve not actually used it too much to track progress, mainly because I’ve been quite busy with both Sophie and Aimee, but it is looking like something that I will use from time to time to make sure things are on track with the various pledges I’ve had a look at.

I’m going to have a look at GTD (Get Things Done) software for Linux shortly, which may make use of the pledges on the site redundant, but it won’t get rid of
the great community of Dad’s that seem to be building up on there.

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