After the dust has settled, will anything change?

After 37,500 complaints, Johnathan Ross has been suspended for three months without pay. Will that bother him? Probably not, he’ll only be losing out on £1million.

Michael Lyons, BBC Trust chairman, said today the BBC must be “firmer on excesses” and has asked for a further report in to how the programme was approved for broadcast. What I can’t help thinking about is the producer of the show. Initially people were commenting about how he/she should have been more responsible in the cutting of all of the objectionable material from the pre-recorded broadcast.

When the number of complaints rose, attention turned to Ross and Brand, two personalities that have made their living by taking risks and sometimes doing questionable things – often on live TV/Radio. What happened to the producer of the show? Were they shown the door before Brand resigned? I’m sure it’ll be published in a tabloid near you soon.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out now that the main players have been “dealt with”, especially as it doesn’t look as though the number of complaints is going to continue to rise as the days go on. I could carry on talking about this for the next three months, but I have more pressing matters to attend to.

Do you think we’ve heard the last of Jonathan Ross? No, neither do I.

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