Changing the World: Not an easy feat

18 months ago I’d never heard of a Podcast. In fact, I barely knew what a blog was. Now I’m a music podcaster with numerous different projects on the go, I’ve co-organised a gig at one of London’s most popular venues and I feel as though I’m not too far away from an independent music revolution.

We’re at such an exciting time at the moment. Bands are discovering the power of podcasts, releasing their music as internet only downloads and at the same time giving the big corporate labels the middle finger. As we move on, I think we’re going to see a lot of bands release new content, acoustic sets and even albums via podcasts. The model exists at the moment for any podcaster to charge for their content, even though a lot of the time the stuff they’re charging for isn’t worth it. Let’s see if anyone takes advantage of it AND actually makes it work