Official: Podshow coming to the UK

Next week Richard Brewer-Hay, PodShow’s Senior Director of Talent Relations, is coming to the UK for some meetings in London and is clearing up his calendar on Wednesday, August 2 to meet with talented individuals such as yourselves for possible PodShow programming consideration. This is a terrific opportunity to get some real exposure on the premier online social media network.

Yes, I’m going and yes, I’ve filled out the little questionnaire that accompanied this post on Britcaster. However evil you think Podshow might be, there’s no denying that at the moment they’ve definitely got the most potential of any company to bring Podcasting to the forefront and enable it to graduate from being something limited to us geeks.

I’ve had varying degrees of thought of what Podshow is all about for many months now. The Podsafe Music Network is attracting a lot of quality artists, some bigger than the independents that music podcasters like myself play week in, week out and having a company with someone like Adam Curry in a high position will always attract attention, good or bad ;)

So before any of you accuse me of selling out/selling my soul to the devil/sleeping with the enemy/all three in some kind of deranged Tarrantino-esque orgy think about what I’m trying to achieve;

  1. To bring the independent music I play to thousands, not hundreds of listeners every week.
  2. Raise the overall awareness of people who go to see said independent bands at gigs, by introducing them to podcast i.e PodFest.
  3. Make a bit of money along the way.

If PodShow (or any company, come to think of it) can allow me to do that, what’s the harm in talking to them?

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1 Response to “Official: PodShow are coming to the UK”

  1. 1 Aug 3rd, 2006 at 5:43 pm


    I support anything you do. You do a great show.

    The only thing I would suggest is think about the people that PodShow has signed. Did they gain numbers all of the sudden? The only people that have the thousands of numbers are those that got the audience on their own. Being a part of PodShow didn’t have a lot to do with it. Not saying it won’t in the future, if they blew up, but so far they have been about as effective as any other “network” out there at the moment.

    The most popular podcast/vidcasts (Rocketboom, Ze Frank, KATG, TWIT etc…) are not with PodShow and want nothing to do with them due to there “business” pracitices.

    Rumors fly around that C.C. ’s not too happy (I can’t say this is true). We know what Mark thinks.

    Try to think of the long run, what you want etc etc…and you’ll make the right decision.

    The right decision being whatever is best for Bitjobs.

    No matter what you choose you have a fan here.

    Best wishes for the future.