Music Podcasts – Taking it Live

A lot of podcasters have been talking lately about what they can do to expand their audience further than the usual crop of fans of bands they play, random surfers who get hooked and fellow podcasters. For music podcasters especially, taking the whole thing to a venue, filling it with 100-200 people, four bands (three local, one visiting) and then putting on a completely live version of their podcast is definitely one way to go. Not only do you provide a stage for bands to perform on in some of the best venues around the country, you allow them to reach out to people all across the world and for the people at the venue to realise that not all podcasts are produced by the BBC, Virgin or other commercial companies.

Podshow did it recently, but from what I can tell it wasn’t actually presented as a show, more of a showcase type affair. Our (mine and Spooks’) idea is to have the whole night recorded, the bands and crowd interviewed and then that turned into a podcast. I’m sure it’s nothing new, but from what I’ve heard so far, it would definitely present a better idea of where podcasting is to the outsider.

The first live show is down for sometime in August, in London and more details will be released as and when.