BFM #184

Here we go then, the first show recorded simultaneously over Mogulus and streamed to, well, no one ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had a change of plans this morning, so had to get everything set for a certain time this morning. The video is embedded in this very post*, so you can have a look at the show or goto the channel and click on the on demand option to have a look any time.

Right, now on to the show itself. The live/video recording aspect of it did throw me off a little to start with, but I managed to get comfortable with it towards the end of the show. I’ve been emailing a few of the bands we used to play to gauge their interested in getting involved in the live stuff and, so far, it’s been very well received.

If you are involved in/or know of a band that would be interested in doing something for the show, please send them my way. I’m seriously thinking of getting some HD footage of sessions recorded and broadcast on the channel/shows so it’d be good to get some help on that front.

So, a few more tracks for you today with a distinctly rocky feel. I had a lot of fun with today’s show, and you can really see that if you take a look at the video of it. If enough people want it, I might make a video feed that will feature a lot of the stuff from Mogulus and Qik.


Comments, as always, are appreciated and encouraged. You can do it via email, skype – eluk_2005 or on Twitter. Hope you enjoy, I’ll be back for another one on Thursday ๐Ÿ˜‰

*Video to come later, I need to take a look at ways of embedding in to the site.

Testing it Live on Thursday

I’ve been playing around with Mogulus since Sunday evening and have to say I’m impressed (thanks Dean ;)). The test channel is running constantly at the right hand side of this site, and I’ll continue to play with it over the next couple of days before going live on Thursday night at 7:30pm GMT to record the next show (don’t worry if you can’t make it live, the whole thing will be recorded and put out on the feed).

Now I’m not saying that I’m doing anything that hasn’t been done before, but as someone who did a good few live Shoutcast shows a couple of years ago, this seems like the next step. Will it work? I hope so, the potential for incorporating stuff via Qik when I’m out and about is a massive one for me as well as being able to interact live.

You can take a look at the test channel here. It’s only playing Podfest footage at the moment, but I’m hoping to get some more stuff in there soon.

Better get my make up done!

Podcastall Thoughts

Last night I took part in a live ustream broadcast with Paul Nicholls and about 10 others. It was extremely enjoyable and really hit home how much I loved doing my shoutcast streams a few years ago.

A lot of people have said that podcasters are just wannabe Radio DJs. This might be true, but I know I’d rather be able to talk to a few mates and play some music that I like than be told to choose from a playlist and feign excitement as another mindnumbing competition is announced.

At the end of the show last night, Paul tweeted about getting a few people together on a rota basis to do what he was doing each week.

This got me thinking; we could take the people interested in broadcasting their own shows and create a Ustream channel that has different hosts on each week. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it would be good to take the live format and use a network of viewers/listeners to get everything out there.

A portion of this was braindumped at 2am this morning, so it might not make too much sense. Just thought I’d get it out there.

BFM #183

Six songs from all over the world in the first show back for me as host of BFM. Four years ago this week I somehow got the first show up on the ‘net and since then have played out hundreds of different artists from around the world.

It’s great to be back after so long, but do let me know what you think ๐Ÿ˜‰



SxSW Torrents

Voicemail: 07010476292 in the UK or 206-888-4773

PCDC #3 – Twestival Day

Back again with another podcast, I’m finally getting in to a routine! Tracks today from;

I’m going through another developmental phase here and might even commit to getting something out regular again. As always, thoughts and comments are encouraged as I need to know what you lovely people thinkย  about the shows – are they headed in the right direction? Anything you’d like to hear in the future?

Easiest way to comment is below this very post, otherwise you can email me – phil(dot)coyne(at) or find me on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy the show and see you tonight at BrumTwestival if you’re going.

Getting there

Things have been up and down for me lately, but over the past few days I’ve realised that there’s no point in feeling too sorry for myself all the time.

I’ve got a great job, not in terms of what I do, but because of the people that I work with. At times they’re like an extended family, supporting me and letting me moan at them when I need to.

I’ve been spurred on to restart podcasting full-time. I think I might have a go, even if I don’t get to the regularity that I did “back in the day” it’ll be quite good to be able to build up an audience again.

I’ve not decided what subject I’m going to concentrate on, if any, but I do know I want to get away from just doing a “music” show.

I’ve been involved with GamesAreEvil since day one, although since my Xbox died I’ve not been too active with my writing on there. Now I have my iPhone, expect a lot more from me over there. If you’ve not checked us out, go over to; there’s a team of great writers and passionate gamers over there that are really out to improve on the myriad of gaming sites around at the moment.

I’m in yet another period of transition, hoping this will be my last for a while, otherwise I’m gonna go grey very quickly!

PCDC #1 – The Return

I said it wouldn’t be long before I managed to get a new podcast out did I? It’s a bit of an introduction this time round, with a bit of a mind dump and three great music tracks to finish it all off. More to come in the future, but as always let me know what you think.

Make sure you check out the artists that I’ve played on today’s show and let them know where you heard them.

Josh Woodward


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A Revisit to Podcasting

I’ve been podcasting since 2005, whatever people say. It started as an experiment and moved on to semi-big things when I joined up with PodShow and started to promote PodFest in 2006 and, although I enjoyed it, there was always something missing especially considering how much time I was putting in to editing, publishing and promoting the shows.

Since starting to blog again, I’ve found times where things would have been easier to put in to words. Nothing mammoth like some of my old shows, but just a five or ten minute piece with a track or two for people to digest on their way to work.

I’m going to aim for at least one show per year, that way I won’t be setting my sights too high and won’t be disappointing any listeners I might garner along the way. There was a time when I could commit to pumping out one show per day, but I’m not going to even try that this time.

To remind any of you who haven’t listened to my previous work, I’ve included one of the Birmingham showcases I did back in 2006 for bitjobs. Hit play on the bottom of the post, or alternatively download for future play on your computer/portable MP3 player.

I already have a couple of tracks lined up for episode 1 of PCDC and I’ll try and record a show later today. I’ve just got to see if I still have “it”.

Comments, as always, appreciated.


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