Rhubarb Radio to return?

Rhubarb Radio studio in Custard Factory, Birmingham
Rhubarb Radio studio in Custard Factory, Birmingham by gavinwray

When I was getting all nostalgic about Rhubarb Radio recently, I had a look on the old domain name. It looks as though someone registered the domain name when it expired in October and set up a holding page.

Welcome to what will be the new home of “Rhubarb Radio”, (www.rhubarbradio.com).

Based in Birmingham England, Rhubarb radio was a pioneer in community radio, it used to operate out of the old Custard factory media site up until November 2011. It produced a great Birmingham & West Midlands quality output of Local & International Music, community news and topics on Birmingham life and our proud history of Brum.

However, sometime around 3rd or 4th November 2011 someone broke into or somehow entered the Rhubarb Radio Studio and removed a large amount of essential equipment.  In short, the station was unable to broadcast at all. Due to different financial reasons the original owners were unable to save the station, the interim owners were not aware that there were historic problems and the presenters and support staff rallied round to try and save what they could but with all the equipment gone it was  an impossible task. So the Rhubarb radio station went off air. Shortly after the station domain name  lapsed.

But by a quirk of fate some new entrepreneurial owners who really believed in what Rhubarb Radio stood for and what it meant to the Brum Music scene, managed to acquire it to ensure that it may have a fighting chance to re-launch if the right team could be re-assembled in the future.

So as a first step here we are, over the  coming weeks/months we intend to provide as many links as possible to the original  presenters and their work, plus keep you up to date on what is happening next.

Thank you for stopping by.

I’ve since been in contact with the new owner of the domain to ascertain how far along their plans are, but haven’t received anything back just yet. It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out, and perhaps more interestingly, I’m listed as one of the presenters on their links page 😉