Another Social Network

Facebook has been a part of my every day life for the past 1421 days (yeah, I looked that up) and in that that time I’ve had a bit of a torrid affair with it.


Although it’s great for catching up with old School friends, looking at pictures and posting inane babble, there are a few things I’ve actually come to hate over the past year or so.

Facebook seems to attract a plethora of spammy “click this to see who stalks you” type apps. We’ve all seen them, they spread like wildfire once one or two of your friends have clicked, and if you have a lot of friends, it doesn’t take long before it’s all you see in your news feed.

Every few days I clear out my inbox which gets so full on pointless updates that it’s getting kind of tiresome. If I’m down to go to your event, you don’t need to send a message every two days in the week leading up to it begging me to come.

Likewise, I’m beginning to realise that most pages are just around for people to spam their wares all over thousands of peoples News Feeds. I bet Villa can get more fans than Blues or if I get 1 Million likes I’ll call my baby Lucifer remind me of school.

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