BFM #186 – Back to the Old Skool

Back with a new show for you this week. As always, featuring the very best music from around the world.

I go on about it enough on the show, but I would really like some comments from you people. I can see there are definitely people downloading the shows, but it would be nice to have some feedback to share with the rest of you.

Easiest way to do that is to leave a comment below, it only takes a couple of clicks 😉

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Music is Not Pollution

I love live music and there are so many great venues in Birmingham that are currently under threat of closure due to a few complaints from local residences about noise pollution.

The guys over at Project X have produced a documentary to highlight some of the issues which will hopefully find the right eyes;

[youtube 4YRV3IOKTdI link]

Thanks to long suffering landlord of Digbeth’s wonderful Spotted Dog (best pub in Brum?), Kent Davies at the Rainbow, Keith Marsden at the Prince of Wales and just one of the many Digbeth residents who moved to the area in order to appreciate (not complain about) the vibrant atmosphere, Adam Crossley.

Superb editing and graphics on this film by Anthony Davies.

So there you go. If you have a blog, please post about this video or head over to the Project X site, or even leave some comments here. I’ll make sure they get back to the rest of the team

New Show – Midsweep #1

Sort of a new show from me, although this one will be syndicated online at – I present to you episode one of NerveCast Midsweep. A bi-weekly show, I’ll be concentrating on bands from the Midlands, all the way up to the “North” of the UK while John does the South and Dick is let loose up North.

A new bitjobs is on it’s way, even easier now my host has pulled it’s finger out and got the site up and running again. Let me know what you think, if you like 😉

Live blog testing

12:51:14 PM: Great find by @jangles. A WordPress plugin for live blogging on Twitter

12:56:50 PM: Lots of scope for this to be used for quite a few things. Very cool

Very easy to use with the plugin looking for a simple //NLB// to start and //ELB// to finish live blogging.

New Project – NerveCast Midsweep

Earlier this year I announced I would be getting back in to podcasting again. After a few problems (lack of time etc) I’ve managed to get back in to a fairly regular routine, whether releasing new shows, or digging out some of my favourites from the archives and serving them up for you again.

A few weeks ago I approached John over at NerveCast Radio about producing a regular show for him. He must have liked what he heard, because a within a few days he’d offered me a regular slot on the station.

Starting May 8th, I’ll be producing a bi-weekly show for NerveCast, Midsweep, covering bands from the Midlands (Watford, up to the North of England). This is a massive opportunity for me, as John’s show hits a few hundred thousand listeners.

The rebrand of the show site to Hyprmedia isn’t just a temporary thing, as I go on producing content, it will appear here under the one umbrella.Very much looking forward to this, and I’m sure the bands who get featured will be too.