BFM Gold – Jay Moonah of Uncle Seth

While I’m getting domain names transferred and hosts to sort themselves out, have a bit of a nostalgiafest again with an interview from 2007. This time it’s Jay Moonah of Canadian band, Uncle Seth.

I’ve not heard much from the band for a couple of years, but Jay is still around at his website or follow him on twitter.

With any luck, everything will be sorted out for next weeks show, if not I’m sure I have a few other interviews and old shows that a lof of you haven’t heard for a while/at all.

As always, I appreciate you listening, even when there’s not new content. So it would be great if you could spread the word over on Twitter or Facebook and help get the listenership back up to the dizzy heights of 2007 😉

Back Soon

I’m nursing a bad voice at the moment, so will be back with the next show sometime early next week. In the meantime, please tell everyone you can about the show and let’s get these independent musicians heard.

Have a great weekend everyone.

BFM Gold – The Paisley Riot Interview

No new show for you this week because I’m out and about. I do have a cracker for you from the archives though – this is an interview with (now defunkt) Midlands band Paisley Riot.

We spent a day in the studio with them, recording 10 tracks and then went back to a hotel room to interview them. That day was one of my best since I’ve been podcasting and that really comes across on the show.

Hope you like it, see you next week.

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Podcast Today

So in the interests of keeping the show semi-regular, I’m going to record a show today.

I’ve had a lot of interest since I decided to get back on the wagon, so to speak, but am still trying to be as active as I can in regaining the audience that we’ve lost of the years.

I’ll be recording some time today, so if you have any last minute audio/comments, send them through.

Voicemail: 07010476292 in the UK/Europe or 206-888-4773 in the US