PCDC #3 – Twestival Day

Back again with another podcast, I’m finally getting in to a routine! Tracks today from;

I’m going through another developmental phase here and might even commit to getting something out regular again. As always, thoughts and comments are encouraged as I need to know what you lovely people think  about the shows – are they headed in the right direction? Anything you’d like to hear in the future?

Easiest way to comment is below this very post, otherwise you can email me – phil(dot)coyne(at)gmail.com or find me on Twitter.

Hope you enjoy the show and see you tonight at BrumTwestival if you’re going.

Back to Portgual

During the early part of 2000, we visited Portugal for the first time. After big trips to the US and Canada, things were toned down a little with relaxing weeks in the sun.

My parents loved the place and ended up investing in a timeshare. I don’t remember too much about it, apart from it involving a three hour “tour” of Praia da Oura and a meal with a very over the top Cockney, named Mike.

From then on, for the next three years, we travelled back every March during half term. 2003 was the last time I went with them, so it feels really great to be going back this March with my Mum and Aimee for her first trip abroad. It’s hit me recently how different it’ll be without my Dad there; we used to start off every day with a good few hours reading books and listening to music by the poolside while Mum went off drinking coffee and practising her Portugese.

Although it’s our first trip without him (and my first in six years) I think it’ll be a welcome break. The past few years have been tough for us as a family, so being able to drink cheap(ish) beer and forget about the world back home for a week will be extremely enjoyable.

If I can work out how much I’ll be charged while I’m there (I’ve seen £3/£6 per mb) I’ll probably post some short updates, or at least use WordPress on the iPhone to save some drafts ready for when I get back.

Retweeting: Chain Letters of the Twitterverse?

Over the past few days there have been plenty of tweets that I’ve thought needed passing on to others, or retweeting. Twestival is happening this week and my old chum Phil Campbell is planning on attending five of them in one day, Gumballstyle. Twitter is the type of place where not everyone who follows Phil will follow me, so retweeting messages asking for people who are interested in sponsoring this mean feat helps spread the word.

I don’t retweet often, but when I do it’s because of a story I’d like to share with my 500 odd followers and it’s usually followed up with a tweet on my thoughts on the subject. It does help people get their word across and when other people give their input, it’s even better.

What prompted me to write this post was a comment I saw on the feed of @PleaseRetweet which is, quite simply, a bot that looks for the “Please Retweet” phrase and then posts it. Simple really. After one of the RTs another one came through;

@ringorang Tweets beginning “please retweet” are the chain letters of the Twitter world. I don’t do chain letters, sorry! 😛

Now I’m not saying that ReTweeting everything that people ask is a valid excercise, but surely if you what they’re trying to get across is worthwhile and important to you, you should be sharing it with others on Twitter.

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Frustrated by the iPlayer

I’ve been attempting to download programmes from iPlayer to my PC for a few weeks now without any luck at all.  I read somewhere that the BBC had released an Adobe Air app which would run on Windows, Linux and Mac. I would just get error messages half way through saying that the programme had expired.

It seems that the beeb have now decided to revert back to an older version of the iPlayer which does actually complete downloads, although it won’t let you subscribe to receive future episodes like 4oD does. Although iPlayer does it’s job, I’d still like to be able to have a weeks worth of BBC stuff waiting for me instead of having to remember it was on and find it on the iPlayer, y’know like on demand content is meant to be.

23 Days: Will the IPS pull through?

We’re off to Portugal on the 1st March and, despite knowing this well in advance, we were only able to send off Aimee’s passport application last Saturday. Standard turn around time is 2 weeks, so everything crossed that it will arrive back with us before we have to go, otherwise her first trip abroad will have to wait a while.

I’m quite excited about getting away for a week, especially with the latest bad weather we’ve been having and even though it’ll be a first for Aimee, it will also be our first holiday without Dad. I’m sure everything will go OK, but there’s always going to be things that will remind us of times we’ve been there before with him.

Update: Got a letter back today rejected the photos with the application. Weekend now spent getting new ones then rushing to get them signed to be sent off. Headless chicken time!

Twitters’ hit the fan

Over the past few days, the use of Twitter in the UK has exploded. It started on Monday with mostof Twitter’s UK populace using #uksnow at the end of updates about the state of the snow in their postcode. This led to a mashup from Ben Marsh here, detailing pretty much in realtime the level of snow around the UK.

It seems that today we’ve had half of BBC Radio 1 sign up, as well as EwanMcGregor. Not to mention Phillip Schofield and his damn hedge and #schofeshedge.

Looking ahead, I think that now some “celebrities” are using it, Twitter will quickly become as much of a must have web app as Facebook.

As someone who’s been using Twitter for quite a while, it’s refreshing to see new people signing up and taking part in the discussions. Whether they stick around once the novelty wears off remains to be seen.