Out of the Gaming Wilderness

It’s got to have been at least three months since I was able to play on my Xbox. I’d had a few solid days playing Star Wars: TFU before the dreaded red ring of death struck and put an end to my Xbox related fun.

Since I managed to get my hands on an iPhone, I’ve discovered that a lot of the games available for it are of console quality and with some of them, a little bit beyond.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be using the iPhone as my main gaming machine and writing over at http://theportablegamer.com. Part of the Games Are Evil group of sites, it’s a place that will concerntrate on gaming for the iPhone, PSP, DS and a hell of a lot of other devices.

*Yes, iPhone does also refer to the iPod Touch, before you start 😉

It’s in the post

Well, at least it will be. I’m going to attempt to publish most of the aforementioned books via this very blog.

Details are still sketchy, but I’ve had a sudden urge to get things moving with it ad thought this would be a quite effective way of sharing progress with you.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be publishing the first chapter in the next couple of weeks. Look out for some teasers soon 😉

The Book(s)

For the past few years I’ve had a ideas floating around for a book, or more precisely, a series of them. Before NaNoWriMo started in November, I had planned to write at least one of those books and even got as far as planning everything but as the days towards deadline whittle down to zero, I had a pithy 3000 words committed to my notebook.

I’ve already resumed writing on my days off, and am hoping to at least get half done by June. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some excerpts posted here for you all to read soon.