Jailbreaking the iPhone not what it’s cracked up to be

Not long after the iPhone was first released, I was reading quite a bit about the code that was developed to allow third party apps on to it. When I finally got my hands on the iPhone 3g a couple of weeks ago I had to search for quite a long time to find anything relating to jailbreaking.

The premise of jailbreaking seemed like a good one, before I actually had a chance to nose around the app store and see what was on offer. There are a ton of free and paid apps in there which have to be approved before they can be released, meaning that *most* of them are top notch.

Bare in mind I already have all the apps I need to get me through a day away from the PC, I decided to give jailbreaking a go earlier today. This is after my iPhone had a bit of a hiccup and had to be taken back to the o2 store, I had lost everything anyway (well, I have the backup to restore).

I managed to find quite a comprehensive guide on a couple of the methods that are available to jailbreak the iPhone 3g. The one I plummed for was QuickPWN although Twitter had been buzzing about Pusher a couple of days earlier (which I’ll test out if I ever get the installer to stop crashing).

Now, there are a couple of benefits to jailbreaking the iPhone. Cydia and Installer.app which offer those aforementioned third party apps to download. This is where the disappointment set in. Although it’s great to be able to flick the wi-fi on and off, keep applications open when they’re not in focus and set my own wallpaper to appear when the phone is locked, it makes the OS look cheap.

The apps that are available are ones that extend the functionality of the iPhone a little, but some seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. After downloading a few, I wanted to give someone a call. The iPhone crashed. That convinced me I could live without jailbreaking, at least until I could guarantee it wouldn’t leave me with a very expensive lump of metal.

I’m sure there a thousands of people who are perfectly happy with the little bit of extra functionality you get with it, but to me, the pitfalls far outweigh the benefits.

New Year Resolutions

This year has been one of extremes. From the pure joy of seeing Sophie born to the pain of losing my Dad in the space of a few weeks and before that the amazing time I spent in France with Michelle and her parents. It’s taught me how quickly emotions can dramatically change in the space of a few weeks.

As we get near to the end of another year, I think now is the time to set some goals for the year ahead. I don’t want to follow the herd and go on a diet or join the gym or pledge to detox for the first few weeks after Christmas. These resolutions will be important on a personal level.

1. Get out of the country at least once, visiting somewhere I haven’t been before.

2. Get serious with my book ideas. I’ve had so many in the past few years, but have never committed to anything.

3. Resume my love for live music and get a gig organised locally, either under the PodFest umbrella or something else.

4. Take more photos. I talked about this one in my last blog post, but I do feel that I’ve got some catching up to do with how many my Dad managed to take over the past few years.

5. Blog more! I used to at least 3 or 4 times a week. Now I’ve got my iPhone I don’t have an excuse.

That’ll do for now. I’m sure I’ll find some more before we get to the end of the year.

Sorting through the Memories

107_0715 My Dad was always a very quiet and reserved man. He had a good job in a company he’d started at when he was young, working his way up and relocating to Birmingham from London along the way.

It’s now just over three months since he passed away, and in those three months I’ve been amazed at just how many photos he’d taken off the many holidays we went on throughout the years.

Last night I uploaded over 300 photos to flickr taken between 2005 and there’s still over 1000 digital images and around 5 or 6 huge sack fulls of “old school” ones to sort through.

One thing I’ve noticed whilst look through them is that he had a very keen eye for detail in a shot. Although there aren’t that many of myself or Mum, there are so many of the scenery from wherever we were.

I always knew he’d been interested in photography since he was 16 or 17, but I hadn’t realised exactly how beautiful a lot of the pictures he took actually were.

I’m contemplating whether to go down to London next week, just to get away from it all for a few days. I’ll definitely be taking my camera; I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

Getting there

Things have been up and down for me lately, but over the past few days I’ve realised that there’s no point in feeling too sorry for myself all the time.

I’ve got a great job, not in terms of what I do, but because of the people that I work with. At times they’re like an extended family, supporting me and letting me moan at them when I need to.

I’ve been spurred on to restart podcasting full-time. I think I might have a go, even if I don’t get to the regularity that I did “back in the day” it’ll be quite good to be able to build up an audience again.

I’ve not decided what subject I’m going to concentrate on, if any, but I do know I want to get away from just doing a “music” show.

I’ve been involved with GamesAreEvil since day one, although since my Xbox died I’ve not been too active with my writing on there. Now I have my iPhone, expect a lot more from me over there. If you’ve not checked us out, go over to www.gamesareevil.com; there’s a team of great writers and passionate gamers over there that are really out to improve on the myriad of gaming sites around at the moment.

I’m in yet another period of transition, hoping this will be my last for a while, otherwise I’m gonna go grey very quickly!