The Master Plan

I’ve been podcasting since March of 2005 (on and off) and in that time I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve taught myself audio editing, production and promotion, as well as made a ton of contacts within the podcasting world as well as with the bands and artists I’ve been playing.

The last year has only allowed me to post sporadically. At one point I used to publish one every day, which went down really well with my listeners, but it proved to be waaaaaay too demanding on me. I’ve done live shows, which again were a great hit, but took a lot to prepare and enduring the problems I faced was sometimes just a little too much.

Podcasting as I knew it when I started has changed. It’s evolved and grown into something bigger, even if it’s not as mainstream as we thought it would be. The last time I published a new one was March. It was very enjoyable, even if I did have to re-record it because everything was all jumpy.

I think that’s the problem, and one of the reasons why I’ve not been active at all recently, I got to the point where nothing was new. I’d done a lot of what I could in terms of interviews, building up contacts and finding new music.

So, now do to the title of this post. I’ve made a promise to myself to release at least one new podcast every month, starting in July, of course. With a new baby on the way, time is going to be even more precious when I’m not working, so I’m reserving the right to not always get one out bang on time every month. It is, at least, a start though.

I’m also going to blog as much as I can. Twitter a lot to let everyone know what I’m doing, but I’ve not posted with any regularity since last year. Again, I’ll be setting aside time every week to post at least three things, if I post more, that’s great – this is “The Master Plan” after all.

So, there you go. I’m slowly trying to claw my way back into the swing of things. I may get some scathing comments from certain people out there, but to be honest, I’m happy with that! Look out for more from me soon.  

The Meltdown Rewind – One Year On

The title tells it all, it’s one year ago today since I released today’s show for you. A selection of tracks by artists featured in our PodFest gigs, as well as a few by the bands that were catching my eye at the time. I’m planning on releasing a few of these old episodes per week, eventually ramping up to some kind of return to normality. More on that shortly though, here’s the tracklist;

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