bitjob 32

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The night after the night before the one that was – PodcastCon UK 2005. I am absolutely “shagged” as Paul said quite a bit yesterday. It’s been a good ride this weekend, but I think I’m finally ready to get off.

Apologies for the shoddyness at the end of the show, I’m tired and I need to sleep :)

Oh and there are some mistakes in the show, hopefully no one will notice them but I thought I should post it now instead of waiting for them to be pointed out to me later :P

Yes – I’m well and truly shagged.

Thanks to the whole Britcaster team for putting on a wicked conference and for everyone in the community that chatted to me after – love you all.

Steve Lacey – Ferryman

Hotrod Cadets – Excellent Girl
BB Chung King and the Buddaheads – Company Graveyard
Chance – Hip Hop High (Live)
Butterfly Catchers – Inside You

Download MP3 (59:34mins, 61mb)