bitjob 21

Eight tracks for you today on a show where mindless chat is few and rockin’ tracks are a plenty. I really enjoyed putting this show together, even if it did take five days – but that’s the beauty of podcasting, you don’t have to do it all at once.

I’ve also released the show in as an OGG, mainly as a test but also because I’ve been asked to offer an alternative format to MP3 by quite a few people. The compression rocks on OGG and cuts the file size down by about 12mb, which makes all the difference if you have to watch your bandwidth. Comments are welcome, as always.

Be sure to go and vote for Ellie Myles at the Slashmusic website to give her the chance to appear on TV! You can also pick up her four track EP from her website for £2.99, excellent value.

Dear Friends

Ellie Myles has been entered into a competition with Channel 4!!!!

It’s a competition on ‘Slashmusic’ to win a showcase.

The Showcase will take place on actual television, broadcast to an audience
of – potentially – millions. If they win, this autumn, they’ll get to play
live on T4 and never have to work, buy a drink, or carry their own amps
again*. And you can help them win by clicking the link below and making sure
you ‘Rate’ them – everyday to keep the ratings up! – Competition’s huge!

Go to the latest showcase entries and Ellie Myles will be listed!

Happy rating!!

(*wives and girlfriends will probably have to!)

See you Monday, if not before :D

TWEAK – Time
The Cloves – Prescriptions
Ellie Myles – Nobody’s On My Side
The Transfer – Romantics & Addicts
Robert Jordan – Rooftops
Complete – Not Heather
The Transmission – Stop Me From Falling
The Unleaded – Revenge

Download MP3 (41mb / 45min)
Download OGG (33mb / 45min)

bitjob 20

bitjob 20 is the first to be recorded on Linux and, although I may be biased, I think it’s one of the best I’ve produced to date. I’ve changed audio setup yet again, piping my voice through my iRiver to give me a sorta pre-AMP, meaning less production for me after recording the show!

Comments, suggestions and visits to the forum are encouraged; remember you only have two days left to take part in the contest before I announce the lucky winner on bitjob 21.

Ishkobar – Work
Abigail Lapell – Dress Rehearsal
Banooba – Sinora
Peter Adams – The Disappeared
Pippa Rogers – Anyway
Monkey – You Don’t Know

Roadhouse Podcast

Download MP3 (46mb / 49min)

bitjob 19

bitjob 19, as always, features some rockin choons to kick start your week. Featuring recent addition to Unsigned UK Music, Ellie Myles, another great song from MyVirtualBand and an amazing remix of a rock track by Scottish band KIDDO*.

Playlist Club details –
Hattrick TV Contact details

Voicemail: 020 7871 2991
Text: TVdads to 60300

Comments, suggestions, promos and anything else can be sent to Support the 138 and help bring down the podsnobs!

Ellie Myles – Driven to Destruction
Dust Radio – February Day
Sing With Me – MVB
KIDDO* – One Last Party (remix)
Jon Green – Back to the Feeling

Download MP3
(31mb / 32:44min)